How to Establish an Export Company?

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How to Establish an Export Company?

Today, one of the main factors that ensure the development of especially underdeveloped and developing countries 


increase in foreign exchange earnings. In order for countries to have a proper economy and to minimize the foreign trade deficit, first of all, foreign currency earning transactions should be encouraged and breakthroughs should be made in this direction. The most important foreign exchange earning process is undoubtedly exports. Therefore, the development of exports is of great importance in these countries. Today, it is widely recognized that there have been major changes in the world economy. Not only for labor-intensive sectors, but also for industrial production in general, with the tremendous development in communication and transportation facilities and the decrease in cost, it is seen that the share of industrial goods exports of developing countries is approximately 75%.

In this direction, it is a fact that increasing exports is one of the primary goals of all countries of the world. At this stage, it is very important to produce new strategies and develop new policies for countries that have opened their economies to the outside world and have made it their mission to integrate with the world economy. One of these strategies is 

exporting companies.

 Export companies are trading companies engaged in the sale and shipment of goods or services to other countries. These companies may export the products of local producers to foreign markets or buy goods from other countries and sell them in local markets. This is a highly profitable trade structure for both the company and the country.

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Benefits of an Export Company

Export companies

 They can operate in a variety of sectors and can be involved in areas such as textiles, automotive, food, electronics, chemistry. Exporting companies develop strategies for entering international markets, analyze customer demand and promote their products in appropriate target markets. They also become members of organizations such as exporters' associations or chambers of commerce and ensure compliance with standards and regulations in international trade. Exporting companies contribute to local economies and have a positive impact on growth and employment.

These companies contribute to economic growth by selling their products and services to foreign markets. Export revenues increase a country's gross national product, boosting employment and welfare. 

Advantages of export companies

 but it is not limited to this. It reduces dependency on the local market and provides access to markets in different countries and helps businesses to spread their risks and access new growth opportunities. Export companies often require large-scale production and logistics operations. In this case, they create more employment opportunities and contribute to local economies. Finally, exporting companies positively affect the balance of trade. Export revenues cover import expenditures and help reduce the trade deficit.

Things to Consider When Establishing an Export Company

How to establish an export company? The question is one of the most common questions about foreign trade for entrepreneurs who want to show themselves in the global market. First of all, people who want to engage in export activities do not face various obstacles and can easily carry out their activities. For this, help can be obtained from an expert team and everything can be handled much easier and faster. Every individual and every organization can start export transactions after completing the necessary procedures. People who want to export can operate their companies in two different ways as a sole proprietorship or a capital company. However, the establishment of a capital company brings certain advantages in terms of healthier commercial activities. Capital companies can also be established as a single individual. The prominent company types among capital companies are limited and joint stock companies. The official registration periods of export companies vary according to whether the company to be established will be an individual or a capital company. The official establishment period of individual companies can be realized on the same day after the necessary procedures are carried out and the documents are prepared. Capital companies, on the other hand, become operational within 4-5 business days. The types of companies that can be established for import and export activities are as follows:

Individual Companies

A company in which there is only one person who implements and supervises all the decisions made and is the sole owner of the business.

- Home-office company

- Virtual Office company

- Sole Proprietorship

Capital Companies

- Limited Company

Companies established by one or more persons under one trade title are called limited liability companies. Limited liability companies have a definite capital. It can be established for any purpose that is not prohibited by law, except for insurance and banking.

- Joint Stock Company

These are companies that have all the characteristics of being a capital company and are managed by the majority with boards that can take part in all economic activities established for great purposes.

Required Documents

When setting up an export company, you are required to provide certain documents. The documents required when setting up an export company are as follows:

- Company Incorporation Documents: To establish an export company, you need to prepare the documents required for the official establishment of the company. These documents include the establishment agreement, trade registry gazette announcement, tax registration and other legal documents required for the registration of the company.

- Export Authorization Documents: Some products or services may require special permits or documents before you can export. These documents may vary depending on factors such as the nature of the product or the requirements of the target market. For example, you may need health certificates for food or pharmaceutical products, export controls and licenses for technology products.

- Exporter Registration Certificate: In some countries, exporting companies are required to register as exporters. This registration certificate is important to be able to carry out export transactions legally.

- Bank Documents: Payment and financial transactions play an important role in export transactions. Documents that may be requested by banks may include documents required to open company accounts, letters of guarantee and other financial documents.

- Transportation Documents: Transportation and shipment of goods and services is also an important stage in export transactions. Freight contracts, transportation documents, insurance policies and other logistics documents may be required at this stage.

June 22, 2023